Saturday, September 30, 2006

Photo Gallery Updated

We've added some more photos to the photo gallery - check out the Fall section under Products!

Online storefront coming VERY soon!

Well, we've now receieved orders via email from those of you looking through our photo gallery - so you'll be very excited to know that the initial release of our online storefront should happen within the next few days, barring dramatic happenings at the store. Chris has everything working, and just needs to get product into the database. The initial product offering will be smallish, due to the time it takes to add products to the database. But never fear - the products available will grow and grow! Sign up for our newsletter for online coupons, and to receive notification of the release of the site.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What a weekend!

To all who attending the party this weekend, thanks for the fun! It was a very busy weekend here, from activities to flash sales to food and drink - we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. This time around, our flash sales included a wide variety of items and themes - from chicken, crow, and star to furniture, art, food, and even a discount on the entire purchase!
We've also had some new items come in to the store that we're very excited about. We've got some absolutely fantastic jams that you just HAVE to try. We've got some new fall and Halloween items, as well as more of our wonderful everyday stuff!
This coming Friday (September 22nd) the Art & Soul Gallery here at The Village is hosting a "Wine, Women Artists, and Chocolate" evening from 6pm - 9pm. They're being catered by Papa's Place and Country Cottage Wines, and the evening should prove to be fantastic. If you come out to the party, be sure to ask at the counter for a special coupon for The Weed Patch. This coupon will be available only at the party, so come in and see what happening, and grab a great coupon for The Patch!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Upcoming Party!

What an exciting week this has been, leading up to this weekend's celebrations at the store! We've seen several very fun new fall and Halloween products come in, and we've been adding more and more decorations to the store to help spread that "Fall Mood" that we love so much. Speaking of this weekend, it's looking like it's going to be absolutely fantastic. Tomorrow (Friday) Janee Carlson of The Red Shed will be available to answer questions about home decorating from 4pm - 6pm. Janee offers home decorating services in addition to some fantastic products at The Red Shed. Then, from 6pm - 8pm we've got a wine tasting going on the back patio. With a beautiful waterfall and pond, surrounded by hundreds of flowering plants, wine just seems appropriate. Come enjoy a glass and relax on the benches, or wander through the store. Chris worked more on the website today - the storefront is really coming along. The design work is almost done being implemented (there's a few other things to figure out and change); once that's done we'll start putting product online for you to browse and purchase. Be sure to check out the photo gallery, too - it's definitely in its infancy, but there are a few photos to start with. Chris and Janene will be adding to the photos as quickly as time allows, so that you can see the store in all its glory, and get a feel for our products as well as the fun we always have! Please join us this weekend for our big party - download a flier about it here!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to, and our brand new blog! Here we'll keep you abreast of new products, events, specials, and other information that you just need to know. We'll also keep a running blog about daily life at The Weed Patch, so that you can get to know us better! Please feel free to ask us questions if there's something you'd like to see addressed in these blogs - the best email address for that is Thanks, and welcome! Chris & Janene Don & Esther