Thursday, September 14, 2006

Upcoming Party!

What an exciting week this has been, leading up to this weekend's celebrations at the store! We've seen several very fun new fall and Halloween products come in, and we've been adding more and more decorations to the store to help spread that "Fall Mood" that we love so much. Speaking of this weekend, it's looking like it's going to be absolutely fantastic. Tomorrow (Friday) Janee Carlson of The Red Shed will be available to answer questions about home decorating from 4pm - 6pm. Janee offers home decorating services in addition to some fantastic products at The Red Shed. Then, from 6pm - 8pm we've got a wine tasting going on the back patio. With a beautiful waterfall and pond, surrounded by hundreds of flowering plants, wine just seems appropriate. Come enjoy a glass and relax on the benches, or wander through the store. Chris worked more on the website today - the storefront is really coming along. The design work is almost done being implemented (there's a few other things to figure out and change); once that's done we'll start putting product online for you to browse and purchase. Be sure to check out the photo gallery, too - it's definitely in its infancy, but there are a few photos to start with. Chris and Janene will be adding to the photos as quickly as time allows, so that you can see the store in all its glory, and get a feel for our products as well as the fun we always have! Please join us this weekend for our big party - download a flier about it here!

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