Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Loreena McKennitt soon to release a new album!

One of our favorite artists, Loreena McKennit, is close to releasing her newest studio recording. Loreena is a Canadian singer/composer who spends years researching her music. Primarily a Celtic artist, she blends music from around the world into truly moving pieces. Her newest album is titled "An Ancient Muse" and blends Scottish and Irish balladry with musical influence from Scandinavia to Spain, Greece to Turkey. "An Ancient Muse" will be released in mid-November.
Loreena's music is absolutely fantastic - come by the store to hear a sample! We stock all of Loreena's Albums:
  • Elemental (Quinlan Road, 1985)
  • To Drive The Cold Winter Away (Quinlan Road, 1987)
  • Parallel Dreams (Quinlan Road, 1987)
  • The Visit (Quinlan Road, 1991)
  • The Mask And Mirror (Quinlan Road, 1994)
  • A Winter Garden: Five Songs For The Season (Quinlan Road, 1995)
  • The Book Of Secrets (Quinlan Road, 1997)
  • Live In Paris And Toronto (Quinlan Road, 1999)

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