Saturday, December 30, 2006

After Christmas Recovery!

Man, we're STILL recovering from our Day After Christmas Sale - which, if you listen to those who were standing in line, was awesome, and very close to how Country Pickin's used to be the day after - we take that to be quite the compliment!
If you didn't make it in (or even if you did!), we've still got some great stuff left! We ordered far more product this year with the intent of getting it online. Since that process took a little longer than we anticipated, we've got some really fantastic stuff left, even now. Come in to the store right away to snag some great deals!
Speaking of online, Chris finally had the moments he needed to release the next batch of products - Colonial Tin lamps, lighting, bulbs, and more! So be sure to check out the online storefront, too - there's a lot of stuff there that you can't get in the store at the moment (and it may or may not stay that way!).

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