Saturday, December 16, 2006

What a Season!

Between fantastic fun at the store, insane weather, an ultrasound that showed us a healthy baby BOY! (WOOHOO!), and now no power at the store, this Christmas Season has been crazy!
That's right - there's currently no power at The Weed Patch yet. It's 9am on Saturday December 16th as I write this, and we're hoping & praying for power sometime today - but we were hoping & praying for power sometime yesterday, too. The local utility crews are working as hard as they can, and right now we're just thankful that there was no damage to the store or the back patio in all this wind.
We'll keep you updated here, for those of you that are checking the site for information. Unfortunately, with no power comes no phone at the store, so we're really hoping that people aren't driving all the way out for The Village today.
We're also in the process of moving our website to a new, more stable server. As soon as that migration is complete we'll be updating the shopping cart software to create a more smooth checkout experience. We'll also be adding some really fantastic features, and - oh - close to 150 more products. This product update will include lamps, candle accessories, chandeliers, wax warmers, and more ... we're very excited! The next batch of products we'll be adding, following this batch, should be our Victorian Heart Quilted Throws, as well as many other Victorian Heart products - bedspreads, quilts, shams, pillow cases... keep your eyes here for more updates!

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