Sunday, April 13, 2008

Great Weather, Soy Candles, & Victorian Heart Bedding

Union SunsetWhat a beautiful day, what a beautiful week! I'm sitting at Esther's home in Union, Washington working away. Janene is at her sister Julie's in Portland, and she has Ben. I was supposed to be on the men's retreat for our church, but I had to bow out as we had major car trouble ($1200's worth...sigh). Plus, I've got a new job, working with a friend, and it's not going so great - just taking me a lot of time to get ramped up. So I decided I needed to spend a focused weekend learning, working through my Weed Patch task list (which grows faster than I can keep up...), and learning some more. Now it's after 9:30pm on Sunday. I'm not nearly as far on my learning as I was hoping, but I did make some good progress; I also got several things off my tasklist for the store, and for our online country store website. Union Sunset Back to the weather, for a moment. It was really nice today - it was an overcast, lazy feeling day, but still decently warm out. Not muggy, but comfortable. It was even sprinkling some for a while - absolutely beautiful. And a wonderful contrast to yesterday - when it was really warm (hot, even?), sunny, and summerlike. Last night a strong wind kicked up - it was perfect, and really snapped my brain into gear. Isn't it funny how you can be trying to do something, for days on end, and then something shifts, your brain says "AHA" and off you go? I wish that happened more. I'm so much more productive when my brain actually works. Join Our eNewsDo You Get Our eNews? If not, you're missing out! It's so easy to sign up (and, if necessary, unsubscribe), and we'll NEVER share your info with anyone. Ever. You'll get coupons, recipes, craft projects, home decorating tips, event information, sales & special offers, and so much more... You should sign up now. Go ahead, we'll wait... :) (plus, there's a little something extra in the welcome email, valid in our online store only...)
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...there are some GREAT changes coming on our website Keep an eyeout...
So, here at The Weed Patch we're working on simplifying the website, putting together some good online strategies (such as this blog, which is just fun to write..!), and generally moving forward. We've added some GREAT new products to the site, and we have so many more to come. In the near future we'll be adding a sales and clearance section, so all you bargain hunters need to keep an eye on the site for that. We're reworking the shipping, as it comes in (from USPS to our server) on the high side; we're almost always able to refund our customers something of what they've paid for shipping. We're also going to be adding a full resource section of the website, which we'll be populating with recipes, craft projects, home cleaning and making tips and tricks, gardening information . . . you name it, and if it's related to simplifying life or living a good, solid country life, it'll be in there somewhere. Got something you would like to share? Drop us a note, and we'd be happy to share it with others (assuming it's original and appropriate...) - both here on the blog (if you're willing!) and in our resource database!
... you love life ... you love friends ... ... you value home ...
Our customers are such a fantastic group. You love life, you like to be involved, you value a comfortable home, you love to give gifts and hang out with friends. We LOVE our customers, and we can't wait to see our customers get involved with us online. :) Speaking of which, do you know someone who would love The Weed Patch? Send 'em to our blog here so that they can get a feel for who we are, and send 'em to our online storefront so they can see all we have to offer!
Here's a product that I truly love : Our NEW Soy Candles! Weed Patch Soy Candles Cotton Wick One more! *grin* We've been selling TONS of Victorian Heart Bedding, Valances, Quilts, Throws, Aprons and more.... If you haven't already, check them out - there's a lot online at, and even if you don't need anything, maybe a friend does! :)
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