Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One of THOSE Days. And Primitive Wood Signs.

Tree FlowerHave you ever had "one of those days" where things just don't go how you thought they would? Today was such a day, for me. We were supposed to leave Union (Janene's parent's place) at 8am. Due to a "rough night" with Ben (yeah, we're pretty spoiled, actually) we didn't make it out of bed until 7:45. Finally pulled out of the driveway after 9:30am. Car, which we had repaired last week, was making a funny noise - so we stopped by the repair shop on the way out of town. Yeah, they fixed it - and did a great job - we drove out of town around noon. *sigh* Trip north was nice, traffic was light, and it was a beautiful day. We stopped at the Re-Store in Ballard on the way home, as we're finishing our basement and needed to look for a bathroom door. The Re-Store is fantastic; if you haven't been there, holy cow - have fun! :) King Of The RoostFrom there, headed north to borrow my parent's van, as there was a bunch we needed to purchase at Lowe's. Dropped Ben off (where he had a VERY good time, as he always does...) and went to Abbey Carpet, where we purchased our flooring for the basement (YAY!). Went to Lowe's, then back to pick up Benjamin, and then home for dinner... So, why was this "one of those days"? Well, I had a lot of work to do. A LOT of work to do. Including painting the basement, which has to be done before Wednesday. Yep. It's now 11pm, and I'm finally back in front of my computer. Haven't even started on the basement. THAT'S why it's been "one of those days". Hm. Now that I write that, it occurs to me how life circumstances can make me think today was "one of those days", when there are tons of people that would love to have a day like today... Two RoostersSometimes, though, all it takes is a little perspective...and then having "One of Those Days" really isn't so bad. I have a lovely wife (who had a bummer of a headache all day), a beautiful baby boy (who's upstairs fussing all of a sudden), and warm and cozy home, fantastic extended family, a good job (even if it's a little rocky right now), close friends, food on the table... Life, as they say, really is good. Even through "those days". Have you seen our signs? We've got a TON of fantastic wood signs, from "Always Kiss Me Goodnight", "All Because Two People Fell in Love", "Dance Like Nobody is Watching" to "Today is a Gift From God" and "Please Remove Your Shoes". There's some great sayings that really speak to how wonderful life can be. Whether you're having a bad day, a good day, or just "one of those days" - check 'em out now! :) Chris Tindall is one of the owners of The Weed Patch.
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